Won’t I “lose control” if I outsource?

Not at all. It’s your business and you make the decisions. We provide the information you need in order to make decisions. You actually enjoy increased control.

For example, our accounts payable service allows you to directly select the vendors to be paid, or to establish rules that we use to select the vendors to be paid. No disbursements are made without the authorization of you or your designate. Although we recommend establishing a weekly or biweekly cycle of payments to vendors, exceptions such as receiving goods COD are readily accommodated

We treat all client data as confidential. We carry out background checks on our employees, each of whom signs a “terms of employment” document in which they pledge to maintain confidentiality in respect to client data. We restrict access to our premises and computer systems, and to data backup media. We shred all waste paper.

In most cases outsourcing actually increases confidentiality, as we are outside the “water cooler gossip” loop

If high-speed internet access is available at your site, we can operate your accounting system remotely. In most cases this provides a workable solution, and there’s no need to invest in new hardware or software, or to convert your data. Another option is for us to “host” your accounting system at our location, either physically relocating your hardware to our site, or re-installing and running your software on our server. A third option is to use one of the several internet-based accounting packages now available.

Yes, we undertake process advisory and compliance consulting services on a hourly charge out rate basis.

There are several approaches to this situation. First, the skills, knowledge and experience of your staff make them prime candidates for employment by SPC Solutions as we expand our own staff. We are also prepared to consider co-employment arrangements where your personnel are supervised by us, but remain your employees for a period of time.

When we set you up as a client, we do so with the expectation that the relationship may end at some point. We act as custodians, not owners of your data. While we own the process, we obligate ourselves to provide you with appropriate process documentation and re-conversion support should you ever choose to end the relationship. It's a two-way street. There are some circumstances (non-payment, unethical or dishonest behaviour, criminal acts) under which we have the right to initiate termination of the relationship. In such cases we serve our mutual best interest by ensuring that the services you outsourced can quickly be taken back in-house.

Employee dishonesty and fraud is widespread today. You probably know of someone who has been a victim.

Weak internal control and lax recruiting and supervision allow dishonest and fraudulent activities to occur.

We carry out background checks on our employees, each of whom signs a "terms of employment" document making it clear that dishonesty or fraud are cause for immediate termination.

We document our procedures, train our employees and evaluate their performance. Our work environment is based on teams in an open office which makes it difficult to conceal dishonesty or fraud.

We design our processes with effective internal controls that minimize the likelihood of dishonest or fraudulent acts and maximize the probability of discovery of them.In addition we carry appropriate insurance to allow us to indemnify a loss in the unlikely event of one.

Nobody can guarantee freedom from dishonesty and fraud, but we believe that exposure to dishonesty and fraud is reduced through outsourcing

In many cases outsourcing takes place because the employee becomes unavailable through termination, leave, or promotion. In other instances outsourcing allows that employee's product and client knowledge to be redeployed to customer sales and service. In a few cases the employee will be made redundant. We will consider extending an employment offer to qualified employees who are made redundant.

We believe that outsourcing provides benefits to businesses and organizations whatever the size.

We have serviced clients with up to 180 employees in multiple locations. Obviously our capabilities and resources limit the volumes we can handle. For an engagement beyond our current capacity we would likely propose a phased implementation. If we do not feel we have the capability (human resources, industry knowledge) to provide quality service, we will not submit a proposal.

Even a one-person business can benefit from outsourcing. For the arrangement to work the owner must feel they can confidently delegate the process to us. Additionally, business processes have economies of scale, and where there are only a few transactions the cost of outsourcing a process may appear high - though the benefits such as freeing up time to deal with sales and service issues may still make the cost worthwhile.