Responsibilities to be Handle with Care: Routine Compliances Matters

Routine Compliances

Routine Compliances

Starting a Business in 21st century is way easy, then actually running it in this competitive world. Loads of responsibilities and obstacles breaks heart and soul of many business personality during their journey. Survival is the first step of success as most of the firms are not even able to survive for short periods like 2-3 years. In such environment of competition maintaining data, records and managing compliances is the biggest task that every firm have to deal with. Here you need experts and professionals like SP Chopra & Co. to take care of your belongings more professionally and with great responsibility.

What is Routine Compliance Matters?
There are lots of matters which are to be taken care of while running of business. Many of those are of unproductive nature but are very important for smooth functioning of the firm. Routine Compliance Matters are mostly which have to be taken care of timely and with great care. These are essential documentation and set ups which are to be done and maintain properly time to time. So better give these responsibilities in hands of capable professionals like SP Chopra & Co. so that you can focus on the core functions of your business enterprise without any worry. Let’s see what SP Chopra offers you in this service :

• Convening, Holding and Drafting of the minutes of Directors and Extraordinary General meetings : Managing the minutes of director and holding up the General meeting is not that easy as it sounds; as one have to go through a proper procedure and documentation which consumes part of important and productive time so, if it’s been handle by some professionals then it sounds great for the smooth functioning of the firm isn’t it ?

• Constitutional Changes: It includes changes in name of the company, registered address, place of business , objects of business, financial year, increase/decrease of registered share capitals and so many more which SP Chopra & Co. will manage for you.

• Changes in Company’s Management: It refers to changes that happens in directors means their removal, resignations or appointment.

• Company incorporation and branches establishments, including Corporate documents for various uses: This includes all the paper work/documentations and certain formalities regarding establishment of branches and incorporation of the firm.

• Voluntary liquidations and deletions of companies and place of business: This means the procedure and formalities related to deletion or liquidation of companies and place of business.

• Simple (inner groups) share transfers, share issues: This includes procedure while transferring or issuing of shares among the inner groups of the firm like directors and so on.

Well SP Chopra & Co. have a lot to offers and this is just small overview on Routine Compliance Matters. Let SP Chopra & Co. reduce your loads of responsibilities so that you can focus on the core functioning of your business carefree.

Steps which are not meant to Skip: Periodic Compliances

Periodic Compliances

Periodic Compliances

Running a business in today’s World is not a joke. There are lots of things to be taken care of while running a business of any size. The bigger the size of the business, greater the responsibilities.  Keeping the record and maintaining the necessary documentation is actually the bigger responsibilities these days then running the productive operations. Thus Periodic Compliances comes as in greater role for any business organization.

What is Periodic Compliance?
Generally Compliance means keeping up with the set rules, policies, law or standard; and Periodic means timely or we can in a regular interval, like monthly, quarterly and so on. Thus Periodic Compliances mainly refers to recording, maintaining, filing or submitting the necessary documents and informative data timely or in regular intervals.

S P Chopra & Co. Provides complete Solutions for Periodic Compliances. Being a Reputed and one of the India’s top CA firm, SP Chopra Company provides you the best solutions for all these important aspects of your business, for the smooth functioning. SP Chopra & Co. Now as big load of responsibilities would be taken care by reputed professional one can focus on the core functioning without any worry. Let’s see what are the major Compliances to be taken care of:

Permanent Account Number/ Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number (PAN/TAN). These are some important identification number for any business firm which are require for the taxation purpose and legalizing the existence of the firm.

GST ( Good & Services Tax)
GST is the new revolution in taxation in India, basically an indirect tax which has replaced many other indirect taxes, in order to simplify taxation system ease the functioning and tax valuation for the business individuals and organizations.

Income Tax Calculation
This is one of the most important part of these compliances, and every business firm or business individual has to keep up with to avoid any sort legal issues which might risk the working of the firm. It involves a detailed calculation keeping in mind the various activities and transactions.

TDS Compliances
Tax Deducted at source ( TDS) is one of the well known mode of collecting income tax at the very source of income itself. In this basically the firm pays the part of income tax of their employees on their behalf, and that’s also been mention on their salary slab and statement. So firm have to keep the track of this to make it work properly and systematically.

E-Filing of Income Tax return
It’s basically means Filing of Income Tax return via internet, through e-forms, in which one have to fill the necessary details accurately.

Tax Planning
Tax Planning basically refers to analyzing financial situation of business firm of individual from tax point of view. It’s done to ensure the tax efficiency and make effective financial plan.

Tax Audit
Tax Audit is means review or examining the books of accounts of business organization or individuals for the purpose of computation of income and tax and helps in filing the returns.

Tax calculation for small Retails & Trading business
SP Chopra & Co. also take care of the tax valuation and other needs for the small Retails & Trading business.

Advance Tax
In simple words as the name suggest itself Advance tax means paying tax in advance. It can be done by estimating the taxable income for the relevant year and paying it in equal parts throughout the year instead of paying whole at the end.

Transfer Pricing
It is basically refers to the value attached to the goods and services being transfer between the related business entities.

Minimum Alternate Tax (MAT)
MAT or Minimum Alternate Tax is actually for business firm to make them pay minimum Income tax.

Filing Tax Returns
It’s the form which is meant to be filled properly and submit it by time. It declares the actual taxable income, deductions and tax payments. to ensure the proper valuation of tax.

There are many more Compliances which SP Chopra & Co. can take care like:
• Income Tax  Calculation as per Income Computation Disclosure Standards  (ICDS).
• Certification of Tax Compliances ( Form 15CA / Form 15CB ).
• Advising on Taxability of Foreign Remittances and receipts.
• VAT / Sale Tax.
• Service Tax.
• Excise.
• Custom.

SP Chopra & Co. is one stop solution for all such Compliances which are to be taken care of periodically. Let them Handle your load of responsibilities with professional gesture and attitude and leave the worry out of your way to success. SP Chopra & Co. will handle all your Periodic Compliances timely and professionally.