Outsourcing: A Step to get Ahead in this Fast Moving World

A Step to get Ahead in this Fast Moving World

A Step to get Ahead in this Fast Moving World

21st century, and the world is moving way to fast to catch the pace of time. Technology and living standard are having continuous changes for making everyone’s life easy and comfortable; But doing business in today’s world isn’t easy at all. Things changes so rapidly that all have to keep up with it or the survival would be tough, but if things have become tough then there are solutions available all around as well. we would e talking about one such solution i.e. Outsourcing . Outsourcing make functioning and expansions of the firm so smooth which give aid to your complete management.

What is Outsourcing ? How it works?

Doesn’t it feel good when someone carry your extra baggage and reduces your burden; Well surely you feel bit of relief and lighter. And such friends who take your responsibilities as their own, are the true friends indeed; This is all what Outsourcing is about. There are many firms which provide the services and any firm can easily outsource their process to such firms, and then they will start working on their behalf. In other words, its basically means an agreement in which one firm contract out their existing internal activity and other company take that contract and run that process on the behalf of their clients.

Let us understand it by simple example suppose there’s family guy name ‘Ashok’ who have two children and loving wife. Now one day he stuck in a situation , his wife is sick and his grandma is coming to visit them and he have to pick her from the airport but the problem is that he have to pick his kids from school as well and at same time. So either he can pick grandma from airports or the kids. It’s the tough situation right? He called his friend ‘Vikas’ and told him about the situation and luckily Vikas offered his help; he told him that he would pick grandma from airport as he would be passing by airport. So Ashok was lucky that his friend Vikas Sorted out his problem.

Similarly Outsourcing firm are the friends like Vikas who share part of your responsibilities as their own. They can be any individual ( free lancing) or some group of Individual ( with organizational set up ). So Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) is a lot in trend these days as it is cost efficient, time saving and great help in expanding. Just you need to choose a great friend of business world like SP Chopra & Co.

What are the benefits of Outsourcing ?

Outsourcing does have many great advantages which help the firm’s efficiency to chase new limits. it take away the excess task of your organization, so that your firm can work on their core functions better. Business process like Payroll, Accounting, Selling & Distribution and other essential part of business operations and most of them are not of productive nature but do add excess cost and does bring certain limitations in growth. There are many things to watch out for like count of employees, government rules & policies, hiring professionals is very costly, infrastructure and many more such important things. All these raise cost and responsibilities and does make things bit complex. Outsourcing don’t erase cost completely but does reduce to great extent as u don’t have to set up a specified department, hire professionals for that and also reduce the cost of infrastructure, and even you can get better services without any issues. And the Outsourcing firms take care of all the matter more carefully and professionally at lesser cost.

When you trying to expand your business internationally then issues are even higher and so does the costing as there is always huge difference in policies, taxes and law of different nations. So outsourcing becomes the better option as they take care of everything by their team of professionals. Legal matters and advisory , Structure and processing, the handle all these more professionally and smartly. Just have to choose right one like SP Chopra & Co. which is one of the top reputed firm in India and provide their great services and also have experience of many decades.

A Little about SP Chopra & Co.

SP Chopra & Co is about 65 years old establishment and this global Charted Accountant Firm is one of the top rated firm in India. They are the third largest Global Association of Independent Accounting Firm which also one of the 10 Prestigious firm as member of Prime Global and you can understand them even better by visiting spchopra.com.

Outsourcing beyond the nation Boundary is very big step and does require lot, SP Chopra & Co is the best choice for this purpose as their vast knowledge, experience and big team of professionals will guide you the best with all sort of advisory from legal aspects to basic functioning of the firm in India. So definitely being partner with SP Chopra & Co will take your firm growth to higher level and would make the functioning smooth and easy. They have complete solutions for your needs from financial advisory to accounts, audit and taxation and so many more.

Just visit spchpora.com for better details.

BPO | KPO | Business and Knowledge Process Outsourcing

Business and Knowledge Process Outsourcing

Business and Knowledge Process Outsourcing

Basically KPO – Knowledge Process Outsourcing and BPO – Business Process Outsourcing are the same. The global outsourcing sector have been many KPO and BPO units coming up especially in the developing nations. Both seems one and the same thing but in the reality there is profound difference in KPO and BPO.

What the Role of BPO?

BPO concentrates on outsourcing those business needs which are not directly related to company’s value chain to a third party. In BPO a company’s business needs like finance, accounting, customer services etc are outsourced. It usually consists of the back office or front office operations. While front office services are related to client interaction and customer support, back office services are related to finance and HR.

What the Role of KPO?

KPO concentrates on outsourcing a company’s information related needs to a third party. KPO requires high technical and analytical capabilities and need experienced professionals to do the process. but in KPO information management is outsourced. Services included in KPO are related to R&D, Capital and insurance market services, legal services, biotechnology, animation and design, etc.

The Basic Difference between KPO and BPO. Which is Good One?

The difference in BPOs and KPOs can also be judged by the way they hire people. While basic education may be enough for you to get a BPO job but a KPO job requires you to be competent in a particular field. Also, the training provided by the KPOs is more rigorous and sector specific.

Technical Skill Requirement: KPO requires more technical skills and advanced knowledge of the specific subjects, but comparatively BPO does not require deep technical knowledge.

Expertise Area Requirement: KPO function on high level processes, skills and also with processes associated with knowledge like business, research and development biotechnology etc.  BPO it does not require expert professionals, BPO concentrates mainly on services like customer services, telemarketing and data conversion services etc.

Skill Set Requirement: As KPO’s deal with knowledge based services they require highly talented and experienced professionals whereas BPO’s require only basic education to handle the tasks.

Communication Requirement: Both KPO and BPO requires high level command over English language but as KPO require indirect or direct communication with international clients all the time.

SP Chopra & Co understand the challenges for hiring candidate, retaining the fit talent in the industry. We understand a candidate’s profile, interests, skills, and match them with the exact requirements of the company. This process makes profit both for the employer as well as the employee.